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The Society of welders of Ukraine-25 years!

v.g. Fartusny, President of the Society of welders of Ukraine,
v.m. Ilushenko, executive director of the Society of Welders of Ukraine

Public organization "Society of Welders of Ukraine" was created by the decision of the Constituent Assembly, held on November 20, 1992, it was attended by over 180 representatives of scientific organizations, universities, industrial enterprises, associations from all Regions of Ukraine. The welding community unanimously supported the creation of the Ukrainian Welding society, stressed the need to organize its regional offices, made a number of proposals on the areas of its activities. The society as an all-Ukrainian public organization was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in July 1993. (Certificate № 485, dated 29.07.1993).

The Society of Welders of Ukraine (SU) was created to:

  • To promote acceleration of scientific and technical progress in the field of welding and related processes, organization of uniform technical, scientific, engineering policy of welding production in Ukraine;
  • Realization and protection of socio-economic, professional rights and freedoms of the members of the company.

The structure of the society is formed by 5 regional and 12 oblast branches.
At present, in accordance with the new law of Ukraine "on public associations", instead of the concept of "secession" (regional or regional), the notions "separate subdivisions-branches and representations" are introduced. Therefore, the structure of the company currently has 10 branches and 7 representative offices.
One of the main tasks of the OSU was to improve the exchange of technical information and to form a consolidated technical policy in the field of welding. It was devoted to regular scientific and technical conferences, thematic seminars, meetings of leading specialists of welding production on topical issues of our activity. The leading role in carrying out such events belonged to the EPs. E. About. Paton and its staff, most of whom are members of the OSU. It should be noted that annual or biennial conferences and seminars were devoted to the consideration of the most important problem of welding production-improving the quality of manufactured products. All the main aspects of the problem were considered:
Improvement of organization of production processes, use of the newest scientific and technical achievements, improvement of quality management with observance of requirements of the international standards, provision of certification of productions, increase Personnel qualifications, etc. In the 1990s and 2000s on the basis of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment Kakhovskoye electric welding Equipment Plant (KZSS) and Simferopol plant "Selma" conducted seminars for specialists of welding industry of leading industries Industry — shipbuilding, Machine building, oil and gas complex, railway transport, etc. The participants familiarized themselves with the perspective developments of interest to the industry, discussed the requirements put forward by consumers to new developments and expressed their recommendations for further improvement of welding equipment. For example, in October 2004, CPJ Workshop for shipbuilding industry Specialists was held in March 2005. On the basis of the plant "Selma" a meeting of leading welding specialists was held to improve the training of welding workers.
In June 2007, The second scientific-practical conference on the theme "Quality assurance in welding production" took place, more than 50 specialists of welding production from 15 regions of Ukraine took part in its work.
The problems of organization of welding works at industrial enterprises of Ukraine were devoted to the meeting of Chief welders and leading experts of welding production, held in November, 2013. In Kiev on the basis of the company "Binzel Ukraine".
With the participation of the company, workshops and round tables are regularly held, including On the initiative of the firms "Fronius Ukraine", "Binzel Ukraine", "Triada-welding", "TM. Veltek "both on their base and within the framework of regional industrial exhibitions. These events are valuable because their participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest developments in the field of welding and cladding materials, high-performance technologies and equipment, and practically try out the proposed novelties.
OSU was one of the initiators of organizing specialized exhibitions of welding equipment in Ukraine. The first such exhibition was organized in 1996, the organizer of it was TD "welding". Together with the EC since 2004 In the exhibition Center "Expoplaza" regularly held exhibitions "welding. Related processes ". The co-organizer of these exhibitions, as well as the exhibition "Ukrsvarka" has always been OSU.
In 1997, On the initiative of the Council of the company was organized the first trip of our delegation to the world Welding exhibition in Essen, which started the organization of scientific tourism. This event enables its participants to receive the latest information on the world level of welding science and technology;
Information about the events held by the company was displayed on the pages of the "welder" magazine, which since 1998 Became a "desktop tool" of a wide range of welders, authoritative source of actual and practical information on welding production issues. It can be said that the industrial and technical magazine "welder" is a real "rupar" of the company.
The Council of the company together with the Ukrainian Certification Committee of Welders (Uaks) since its inception (1994) took an active part in the organization and coordination of the work on preparation, retraining and qualification tests of personnel of welding Production.
Today, the problem of providing welding production with normative and technical documentation, first of all standards that meet the requirements of international standards, is very topical. This issue was repeatedly discussed at the meetings and scientific and technical conferences of the society and it is appropriate to recall the law of Ukraine "on Standardization", which is in effect with 03.01.2015. and provides for the introduction of international and European standardization principles. Introduction of international and European standards for welding materials in welding production of Ukraine, general requirements for welding processes and technologies, qualification of welding personnel, methods of non-destructive testing, etc. is a prerequisite for the release of products to the foreign market.
Modern welding production demands increasing requirements for professional training of welding personnel. This is relevant now due to the economic situation in the country and the shortage of qualified welders.
In our opinion, the system of professional training of welders operating in Ukraine does not completely meet the requirements of production and international standards. It is conducted on the basis of outdated approaches to the definition of training professions and qualification requirements. Qualification criteria are established based on the requirements of the tariff-qualifying bit system, which does not meet today's economic conditions.
At the same time, the authorized national Authority is the inter-sectoral training and attestation centre of the IEC. E. About. Paton successfully implements training programs and methods of preparation and evaluation of qualification of all categories of personnel for welding production, which allows to organize training and certification of Specialists of international level. Therefore, the decision of the council in April 2016 The company created an Industry Council on professional qualifications in the field of welding, whose task is to form a system of professional qualifications, and the development of standards, training programs, etc.
Since 2004 Competitions of professional skills of welders are held annually in Ukraine. In 2009 – 2010. These contests have acquired the status of international, with the participation of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, China. In recent years such events are held in the framework of regional industrial exhibitions (in Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporozhye).
The participation of Ukraine and the international competition of young welders in the Czech Republic deserves attention and support. Since 2011 Our young welders competed in the European competition and were prize-winners in separate welding methods. In 2012, The delegation of welders-professionals of Ukraine took part in the international competition in China. In our opinion, the competitive movement is an effective method of increasing the professional skills of welders.
It should be noted that during the past period the society has developed international cooperation with others. Unions and societies. On our initiative were concluded agreements on cooperation with Rtsso, Slovak society, Bulgarian Union of Welders, Association of Welders of China, association "electrode". Now the most relevant is the interaction with the European Welding Federation. However, much depends on the financial capabilities of the company, which are limited only by membership contributions. Therefore, one of the priorities of the company is the need to implement in practice the provision of the law "on public associations", allowing commercial activities.
In conclusion, 25 years for the organization is only the beginning of the way. The Society of welders of Ukraine in its multifaceted activity has certain successes and the 25-year anniversary meets worthily. Further successes in the company's work require more dedication and responsibility of all its members.

Published in the magazine "welder" № 1, 2018

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