Metallurgy of Arc Welding, and Welding Consumables (in Russian)

Compiled bv I.K. Pokhodnya, A.S. Kotelchuk. 2012. Kiev: Akademperiodlka, 526 pp.
Book includes 120 articles of associates of Department for Study of Physical-Chemical Processes in Welding Arc at the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine. This book generalizes the half-century experience of the Department research activity. The presented articles cover a wide scope of problems of metallurgy of the fusion arc welding and development of welding consumables.
Book can be interesting and useful for specialists and scientific-technical staff, as well as for post-graduates and students of higher education institutions, studying the problems of metallurgy of arc welding and dealing with the development of welding consumables.
ISBN 978-966-360-203-5

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