Society of welders of Ukraine

Public organization “Society of Welders of Ukraine” was created by the decision of the Constituent Assembly, held on November 20, 1992, it was attended by over 180 representatives of scientific organizations, universities, industrial enterprises, associations from all Regions of Ukraine. The welding community unanimously supported the creation of the Ukrainian Welding society, stressed the need to organize its regional offices, made a number of proposals on the areas of its activities. The society as an all-Ukrainian public organization was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in July 1993. (Certificate № 485, dated 29.07.1993).

The Society of Welders of Ukraine (SU) was created to:

  • To promote acceleration of scientific and technical progress in the field of welding and related processes, organization of uniform technical, scientific, engineering policy of welding production in Ukraine;
  • Realization and protection of socio-economic, professional rights and freedoms of the members of the company.

The structure of the society is formed by 5 regional and 12 oblast branches.
At present, in accordance with the new law of Ukraine “on public associations”, instead of the concept of “secession” (regional or regional), the notions “separate subdivisions-branches and representations” are introduced. Therefore, the structure of the company currently has 10 branches and 7 representative offices.
One of the main tasks of the OSU was to improve the exchange of technical information and to form a consolidated technical policy in the field of welding.

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