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Levels of quality of welded joints and permissible defects in welds

Ukrainian Society USNDT issued and is disseminating International Standard ISO 5817, concerning three levels D, C, B of welded joint quality, which has been applied by all the leading countries of the world since 2003 at mutual deliveries of welded metal structures. In Russia it is valid since 2009 р. Starting from 2019 all the metal structures made in Ukraine by arc welding methods should comply with STSU USNDT ISO 5817-2019 standard «Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys, quality levels (ISO 5817:2014, IDT) Kyiv, 2019. This standard is an identical translation of ISO 5817:2014 «Welding. Fusion – welded joints in steel, titanium and their alloys – Quality level for imperfections», adopted as DSTU ISO 5817:2016 by confi rmation method. The paper explains the importance of this standard, and gives a short table with admissible dimensions of surface defects for levels D, C, B. STSU USNDT ISO 5817-2019 standard is presented completely in USNDT site: 6 Ref., 1 Tabl.
Keywords: quality level, welded joints, mutual deliveries, standard, arc welding methods, brittle fractures, stresses, pores, undercuts, weld root, crack, edge, overlap
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